#1 reason for leaving the mormon faith? Please share your experience.

I'm interested in hearing the number one reason why everyone left the mormon church. What was the final straw that broke the camels back for you? Please be specific. I realize for most it's for various reasons, but if you could narrow it down to one or two reasons I'd really be interested in hearing about it. Was it a certain doctrine taught? Was it something from the history? Was it the way it made you feel? Did you have some kind of spiritual experience or vision telling you to leave? etc. etc. Please share. Thanks

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Betty, I can relate to the frustration of exact obedience being emphasized, but I never much realized how much they changed doctrine until I was fully out.  It's amazing. 

I remember being taught in a "history" Sunday school class that black people were "cursed" with a dark skin in the pre-existence. (There were many of those “history of the church lessons”, seemed that’s all they ever taught us was history of the church) There was Something about the battle in heaven before we came to earth, they could not make up their minds which side to be on--Jesus or Satan.  That' s not my main reason for leaving, but that just never seemed right to me, even as a child. I left when I was  about 20 and that was many many years ago.

I will be sharing my journey before, during and after Mormonism at Plaza Bible Church in Orange,CA. Aug. 14th at 7pm.

I would love to meet you and I do hope you will be able to join us!


La Vonne Earl


I remember reading anti-Mormon expose's of The Book of Abraham. I was devastated. Then I heard that Hugh Nibley was coming out with a book defending it. I wainted, and waited, holding my breath. Finally, the book came out. I drove 55 miles to the nearest LDS bookstore who had the book. I rushed in. Found it. Read half of it there in the bookstore. I was DEVASTATED. Nibley did not address any of the concerns or facts. The book was just a huge BRAIN FarT. Just a huge song and dance. One huge pot of B.S. I finally put the bok down and walked out. As I walked out, I almost cried. I should have left the Church then, but I didn't. Foolishly.

     My number one reason for leaving the LDS church is its racist undertones that are repeated in the book of Mormon. For example The Nephites were a white and delightsome people who God blessed. The Lamanites were a dark and loathsome people who God cursed with their dark skin so that the Nephites would not mix with them. These two people's skin color became lighter with (righteousness) obedience, darker with unrighteousness (disobedience) and as recently as 2005 the LDS church taught that the curse of Cain was dark skin.

     Our family stopped going the LDS church for three years after witnessing these hurtful doctrines in practice. A few years later I caved into the pressure to give the Church another chance we attended for year when we bought an illustrated children’s book of Mormon for our kids while flipping through it, it became very clear that not only has this teaching not been done away with but that it was emphasized not only with words but with explicit pictures. This was as recent as 2009.

We left again and have not attended for three years. Recently upon discussing this with members we have been reassured and treated as if it is a matter of not understanding instead of disagreement. After thirty years in the church and my cultural and life experiences outside of it I can say that I completely understand this issue and the social implications and consequences that such reckless and hate filled teachings breed in the hearts of men learned as children.

I will never agree with nor condone or sit by while institutionalized hate is being recklessly taught. Evil wins when good people sit around and do nothing letting irrational hate run rampant in society. A coward takes the easy way out. A courageous leader stands up for what is right even if they are the only one standing.

During our short stint back in the church we saw many calls in conference for greater acceptance and cooperation and greater unity in communities and we shouted for joy that the church seemed to be progressing and moving away from these damaging mentalities and attitudes. But even though they have most eloquently implored members to put aside difference to embrace others to be active in their communities to cooperate with others from the pulpit.

But It doesn’t trickle down to the individual stakes and wards. As long as these teachings remain in doctrine there will be a disconnect with the members especially the children who are so innocent so full of love, this will lead to confusion and breed irrational and institutionalized hate that has already had dire social and global consequences.

But for true change to happen the church first needs to admit that these things were taught and pubilically apologize for the damages and hardships that they have caused. Secondly denounce and transparently remove them from scripture. Or at the very least publically explain that this is a reflection of how the people of that time understood felt and believed. Instead of denying that these things were ever taught and secretly white washing and omitting them from doctrine showing the world their cowardness and their dishonesty.

And then they need to emphasize the teaching and belief that all people our children of God and that we all are equal. Which they did as they launched their cover up campaign. As long as good people people remain silent and do not take a stand against such inflammatory and damaging doctrines history will repeat it self until we as a people in our homes, schools and churches teach and encourage acceptance love and peace.

But I am not holding my breath for the LDS church to lead such a noble undertaking as through out its history it has been at the opposing side of social justice not only for African Americans. It was not until after the civil rights movement that they suddenly allowed all worthy men to receive the priesthood.

It truly would have been inspiring if they had done this before society had. The church was at the opposing side of the Equal Rights Amendment for women, which was squelched and now they are at the opposing side of Gay Rights. It has become painfully apparent that the church has never been an organization for equality as they so publically claim to be.

I like your summary of the problems with mormonism, but  I have to disagree when you say: "Most Mormons, when they discover Mormonism is false, lose faith in God and religion completely, and become atheists or agnostics. They, like children, thumb their noses at God: "God, you fooled me! So, I don't trust you anymore. I'm not going to believe in you or any relgion, because Mormonism is false. Because Mormonism taught that Jesus is Christ, then Jesus cannot be Christ. Because Mormonism taught that there is a God or gods, there cannot be any God or gods. Because Mormonism taught there is an Afterlife, there can be no afterlife." So....THERE!!!"

Most atheists, like me, are not atheist because god fooled them or because mormonism fooled them.  They are atheists because science has mountains of evidence that explain life with no need for a god, and religion has little or no evidence for a god, or any supernatural ideas.  We will pay no attention to any religion, including yours, until you can get your so-called "evidence" published in peer-reviewed journals, and get most scientists to agree with you.  However, it's obvious that is not going to happen.

Well I am an atheist because I don't have a good reason to believe in god.

There is intelligent thought in your writing DoctorDahesh. It was a pleasure to read.

Further to my post below...if you want to go back further in time before the creation of the earth to the beginning of our Universe, Lawrence Krauss does a terrific job of explaining...

"Scientist have not proven that life came from random forces or stuff smashed together"

Um...yes they have.


My reason was also about the historical facts. It also became obvious to me after becoming a mason as to where the temple ordinances originated.Also being a member of each of these organizations hindered my career choices.So I denounced both.

The deception . Learning that the Jesus that I was following was a different Jesus.

Doctor D,

To say that Moses borrowed from the Egyptians is interesting, and I agree with the similarities you mention about Joeseph Smith borrowing from the Free Masons. I don't believe there is any proof that Moses ever existed, and I further believe that the first stories written about him by the Jewish people who had been hauled off to Babylon were written to teach a lesson, much like the Fairy Tales now that talk of Cinderella etc. I think if you went back in time, you would find that the people at that time, knew he wasn't a real person. I think it is a fairly modern view to accept all of the stories in the scriptures as real.

I also will say if you speak with the authority of any religion then you are living in a house built on the same sand as Mormonism. If you wash away Mormonism in a giant flood, then all foundations dissolve equally and all who built their houses and monuments on those grounds, fall apart together.

It is fun for me to watch religion verses religion. One always defending their logic and beliefs, but in the end casting aspersions on each other, only to share finally and eventually the inevitable destruction that Truth brings to Fiction.  We all love our fiction in one form or another, but it is best to live life knowing the difference between what is real and what is fiction.

Devil Bar


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