#1 reason for leaving the mormon faith? Please share your experience.

I'm interested in hearing the number one reason why everyone left the mormon church. What was the final straw that broke the camels back for you? Please be specific. I realize for most it's for various reasons, but if you could narrow it down to one or two reasons I'd really be interested in hearing about it. Was it a certain doctrine taught? Was it something from the history? Was it the way it made you feel? Did you have some kind of spiritual experience or vision telling you to leave? etc. etc. Please share. Thanks

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AN INSIDER'S VIEW OF MORMONISM was sold in Deseret bookstores for five years, although it is clearly an anti-Mormon book in that it presents the BOM and JS as frauds "in so many words". The reason why the book was sold in Deseret Bookstores was because, at that time, both the Pres and VP of Deseret were secretly anti-Mormon, friends of George D. Smith of San Francisco. Both were pro-gay, pro-abortion, and were slipping such books into Deseret bookstores for years.

I just felt like I didn't belong in the ward. There always seemed to be a disconnect no matter how hard I tried to do what was right, I didn't feel like I was "supposed" to feel. Once I distanced myself (stopped attending church) it was like a veil was lifted from my vision. The thing that made me decide to quit the church once and for all was what I read about the early church history and how about the first vision was made up and my doubts just escalated from there. I had ALWAYS believed Joseph Smith and the first vision and when I found out it was a lie it really shook me up. I will be requesting to have my name removed from the records of the church. My whole foundation of God has been shaken. I believe in God but I have no idea what he is like or if he cares about me or not. Whether I ever go to another church again is doubtful (but never say never). That's how much I've been affected by this...

Sounds similar to my experience. I haven't left yet, but it won't be long. The ugly history slapped me across the face too, and that's what my testimony stood on. Now I'm left with nothing. I don't want to say I'll never attend another church either, but it's less than likely at this point.

J.T. I am so glad to hear you still believe in God. I would like to send you a few chapters from my book Loved into the Light, Shining God's Light on Mormonism. In it I address things like: Is the Church Safe or Judgmental ?, Can the Bible stand the Test of Time?, Do you Trust God? and so much more. It is a book of healing for those that have been shattered by the Mormon Church. Many stay because there are tidbits of truth that our spirits long to hear. Tidbits like God loves you. The problem is the Mormon Church mixes love and Grace with Rules and Judgment. The real truth is that Jesus came to set us Free, not place us back in bondage.

God Bless,

La Vonne


 Finding the history or 'the meat' that never got shared with me in over 20 yrs membership while online looking up freemasonry, and Joseph smith's name and temple rituals popped up started it all. so its a draw~ salvation by works vs by grace; Jesus's atonement being suffficient vs. blood atonement; Mormonism obviously deriving from freemasonry/illuminaty/occult yet with the stamp of 'Christianity' on it.

My wife and I decided to leave the church this past week. I've wanted to for several years now, and now my lovely wife is there with me. I was a convert at 23 years of age and she had been a member all her life. We are slowly getting our kids away too. Bottom line for us, common sense and the fact that the whole church was founded by a 14 year old lier.

"a 14 year old lier."  I like that succinct way of putting it.

Congrats to you and your wife Coahpaul!  Life after Mormonism couldn't be better.

Praise God you are free! Are you attending a Christian church now?

@ La Vonne  -Stop recruiting again.Please, allow the guy to sort himself out first...lolzzz.

Congratulations!  It will be the best decision you have ever made, plus a 10% raise in your income.


the churches increasing emphasis on exact obedience ...the church saying now that doctrine we were taught growing up was never really doctrine .


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