March on Salt Lake City

Event Details

March on Salt Lake City

Time: March 21, 2009 at 12pm
Location: Salt Lake City
Street: TBD
City/Town: Salt Lake City
Website or Map:…
Event Type: Rally/Protest, for, Equality
Organized By: MikeUtah
Latest Activity: Feb 22, 2009

Event Description

This from the Facebook group "March on Salt Lake City":

Hello all,

I wanted to set the tone with all of you more clearly. I have gotten a number of emails that indicate some of you misunderstand what this is about. Here is the one line description that says it all:

We will march in Salt Lake City for peace and understanding for all Americans. We will include and invite thousands of Utahns, Mormon or otherwise to join our voices against discrimination. We will work "with" then to elevate the discourse.

Some have suggested boycotting, I think this is a bad idea. Although we are planning a "favored" business list of companies in Utah that are not bigoted. Nevertheless, this march is not about "confrontation". Our message will be better received if we are respectful and inclusive of others that share the mindset.

We have received plenty of requests for volunteers, and will need more as this grows. Please shoot me an email if you would like to help. We will need coordinators on the ground in Utah and welcome volunteers from organizing, legal, accommodations, route planning, etc.

I look forward to our voices being heard, and I thank you all for your participation.

It is time to end minority hate and discrimination. Recently, heavy backing from the Mormon church and others pumped millions of $$ into California to pass a constitutional amendment (Prop 8) to strip away the rights of gay people to marry. This intolerance is unacceptable, and is hypocritical in Utah especially given the history of unfettered polygamy (a blind eye) and their own oppression by the US for the rights of their religion.

Enough. They promoted this behind the scenes and used illegitimate and false arguments to get people to back this hateful proposition. As I thought of ways to elevate the visibility of this issue and take the fight in a direction that would be meaningful and peaceful, I thought of Martin Luther King's famous march on Washington. It was the perfect place, because it represented the "hidden hand" that was holding us back. Because of the Mormon's pole position in instigating this, I see Salt Lake City as the perfect place to hold a march unlike any have ever seen. Our generations "march on Washington".

It is important to frame this though in terms that are actually correct for all of us. Whether we are black or white, left or right, Mormon, Catholic, Agnostic or Atheist, we are all American. We need the help of all people to raise this argument to the right level.

I ask you to spread the word and help organize this. The time is now to end this kind of discrimination for good, especially in the face of such a remarkable time that we elected a black President to the White House. The goal is to get at least 250,000 people (I know, I know, probably not realistic to get that many, but hey, a goal is needed!) to march on Salt Lake City, from every corner of this great nation and make this awareness go to the next level.

Join the fight, let's do what's right.

p.s. more about the background of this movement on "No to hate, no to prop 8" group

Comment Wall

Comment by Skepticat on November 10, 2008 at 6:42pm

Is this protest more specifically aimed against the church for the Proposition 8 defeat than for a general protest? The reason I ask is that the powers that be and more specifically, the local newspapers, seemed especially surprised that two counties, in the here-to-for solid (?) red state of Utah, voted Democratic and a few others were close. (Think of Palin's hate mongering against a black Obama and the overwhelming number of Republican votes to back her and McCain).

Many years ago the honor of being the only Democratic county in the state went to Weber County. But with determination, hard work, and dirty dealings (did I say that???), it's been whipped into shape, conforming properly.

I'm sure that Obama and Clinton (a black man and a powerful female personality) knew they couldn't make much headway in the state of Utah considering they did not have the backing of the predominant religion, but their wishful thinking and being willing to put feet on the ground, made more forward progress than most would have dreamed. Before that, the Democratic party had to pretty much hang out with themselves, and they were pretty hard to find.

Having worked closely with a number of the states Democratic members of Congress a few years back, I learned, personally, that Democrats care about the people and the Republicans care only about their good-ol-boy network and their own bank accounts. Rest assured, any bill the Repubs accept for backing benefits them or a designee and the ordinary citizen can whistle in the wind. While I would like to blame the church directly and specifically, it's more a matter of the individuals that control the public with the heavy handed backing from the church, sitting in the background. This includes the Prop. 8 defeat.

I am definately in as far as being present and letting whomever know that we are tired of being ridiculed for the overt actions of one church or even it's private members that act in it's behalf. As far as 250,000, I think we'd be thrilled to get 25,000. From every corner of the nation? That would be beyond wonderful!!!

I am specifically against a boycott as this would hurt the entire state in ways that would not help either the state or any of the causes that participate in the boycott. A demonstration is by far the best way! I feel as though a general protest against discrimination would be the best. Gays have a very good reason but more quietly, and in addition to the legal seven protected classes, so do the physically and mentally challenged, women, children, drinkers, non-believers, the homeless, the elderly, the childless, non-Mormons and those handicapped by above average intelligence. These are all groups that have been systematically shut out by the church in one way of another.

Discriminatory acts have to be exposed to be aired out and changed. This is what I feel this demonstration would accomplish. To show the state of Utah, and the church, the many people that suffer because of it's actions. To be able to show how wide a range of hurt, and the many people that have been affected, would be a wake up call to the rest of the nation to not let this happen to anyone.
Comment by XLDSXY on December 4, 2008 at 5:09am
I think that a show of force in the way of a march is a wonderful idea Micah! You did a great job putting this together. There are so many other people out there that want to get into hate mongering ~ how nice that we can gather in support of the free expression of diversity and in love, and peace.
If there's anyone that would like to please carry my voice throughout the march, please contact me. One day I will visit the valley again, but until then...
I'm still praying for peace.


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